About the Artist

Since 2011, Joy has been making music with her brother into the wee hours of the night and came up with the moniker"Mslatenightjam". But now on the contrary, she tries to stay away from late nights and enjoy mornings even more. Her favourite meal of the day is breakfast as it allows her a good reason to wakeup, be inspired and get the day started. An honest simple aesthetic with a tinge of delightful sunshine is what she appreciates the most. She is an artist and illustrator who enjoys exploring creative applications for her drawing and acquires inspiration through sharing with others. Her previous work experiences include working as a graphic designer and an art educator in secondary level. She has worked on projects, specially commissioned by Food Republic, All Things N'ice, Passion Arts, Community Clubs to produce artworks and murals. 
Her recent graduation from Lasalle's Fine Arts Faculty provided her an artistic edge over her former Visual Communication Diploma from Temasek Polytechnic, which formulates her multi-disciplinary approach in her creative sensibilities.

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