The Art of Stamp Carving

Seal carving is a traditional form of art that originated in China, and later spread to East Asia. The material for seal making was mainly animal bones,copper (bronze) and pottery. Only the specially trained, sophisticated artisans and craftsmen had the ability to handle this form carving. However, in today's age there are various types of seal making techniques and Rubber Seals is considered one of the most accessible forms of seal making.

About our Stamps

Wooden grip cut from Japanese Shimanto Cypress range from 3cm - 9cm depending on design, and the number of faces in the stamp. The rubber pads used for the stamp face is made in Japan, specially sourced from a crafters' shop in Tokyo. The ink brand is Tsukineko which is high pigment and stamps the same colour as the pad. All in all, the quality of these handcrafted stamps are highly ensured, specially put together by the artist.

The artist is the sole crafter for this project.


Portrait Stamps Pricelist 

(number of faces on 1 stamp)

1 face    -  $32  (28 w/o ink)

2 faces  -  $38  (34 w/o ink)

3 faces  -  $44  (40 w/o ink)

4 faces  -  $50  (46 w/o ink)

5 faces  -  $56  (52 w/o ink)

Text are at additional $5 for 1 - 5 alphabets, $10 for 6 - 12 alphabets and $15 for 13 - 20 alphabets. Any text more than 20 alphabets is at a flat fee of $25.

Additional ink pads are at $5 each.

Orders more than $100 are entitled to a 10% off.

What I need from you: A profile picture of yourself and 3 days (+2 days local postage)


Custom Stamps

Get your favourite quotes, your signature, or your logo carved! You can stamp these everywhere, like what I do for my name card! This can be your personal trademark and uniquely yours.

As the size and intricacy varies, please contact me for the price. Feasibility of craft depends on intricacy and size of design.

Prices start from $30 (with ink).



Workshops are available upon request with a minimum of 5 to start. You will learn the basics of stamp making, from starting with a design draft to carving your your own design. You will learn about the various types of ink & embossing too!

Prices start from $45/pax with all materials to take home.

Ink Pads

VERSACOLOUR Tsukineko high pigment water based ink pads available for purchase at $5 (small) & $10 (large) each.

VERSACRAFT Tsukineko high pigment ink for wood, fabric, unglazed pottery, leather, etc. Available for Purchase at SG$ 7 (small) & $12 (large) each.

Special Crafting

Special Events such as Wrapper Stamping, Totebag Stamping, Teeshirt Stamping can be organised for your parties.

Stamp Kit

Your Stamp Package will come with 1 Stamp, Ink & an Aftercare card. 


Stamp Cleaner ensures that your stamp is throughly clean after each application. Available at $10 each. 

Embossing Powder gives you endless hours of crafting fun! Your printed image can now have the spot-uv varnish look. Available at $10 each. Finish: Clear, Pearl, Glitter, Gold, Silver, Copper

Seed Rubber Pad for all your carving experiments. Recommended only for those who attended the workshop. 148mm x 100mm. Available at $12 each.


Your stamps are delicate so be sure to care for them. In the case where your stamp tears or break, write to me. I will try my best to mend/ & replace the stamp. One for one stamp. 



For more information about Handcrafted Stamps or Workshops - write to me at

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Thank you.

All prices are in Singapore Dollars.

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